"An Errand and Personal Shopping Service for Those In Need"

Community Helping Hands

Are you a senior citizen, temporarily or permanently disabled individual, recouperating mother/patient, or busy family member providing care for a parent, grandparent, or a person who just need assistance and may be facing lifelong or short-term challenges to remain independent at home and in the community where you prefer to live?  If so, Community Helping Hands' errand service is your answer.  

Community Helping Hands was created to provide individuals who may need assistance with specific errands or who may not have access to get to the items they need from various retail businesses.  We are a grocery shopping and small delivery service who will pick up and deliver to your door the items from the store of your choosing.

If you need an extra hand, please give Community Helping Hands a try.

Is it fast?

All errand requests can be sent to us via phone, email or facsimile. Place your order 24 hours in advance and you will receive prompt pickup and/or delivery services or you have the option of choosing same day services.

Is it expensive?

Is it personal?

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are the utmost importance.  Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from people like you who have provided referrals on our behalf.

Our delivery services start out as low as $20 per errand.  The type of service and the amount of purchases will determine your costs but we remain competitive in our industry.  Senior citizens receive an additional 10%.

We make your every day obligations simpler!

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